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  • Landscape Design

    Creative, Detailed and Environmentally Responsible Design

    From concept installation to maintenance, Eastern Horticultural Services, Inc. offers landscape design that will make your property beautiful. Our designers are able to bring your vision to life or can guide you to a result if you're not quite sure what you want.


    We focus on creative designs that keep the environment, local regulations and sustainable success for the life of the landscape. Our maintenance team will make sure of that!

    Our Design Services Include:

    • Consultation and estimating
    • Design drafting
    • Grading and drainage prep
    • Plant material installation
    • Hardscaping
    • Mulching
    • Lighting and watering installation
    • Yard waste removal
    • Maintenance
  • About Eastern Horticultural Services

    Exemplary Service,

    Unquestioned Expertise


    Eastern Horticultural Services is a full service, year round landscaping company. We specialize in exemplary grounds maintenance, landscape enhancement, and property management. Eastern Horticultural Services wishes to be known as Delaware Valley’s leader in client satisfaction, craftsmanship, and overall service quality. We realize that in a changing market, yesterday’s approaches do not always work. That is why E.H.S. is adopting the newest technologies and equipment, while providing unique services such as certified gardeners and turf specialists. With clients expecting greater and greater levels of responsiveness and attention to their needs, E.H.S. hopes to meet and exceed those expectations on all levels.

    Protect and Grow Your

    Landscape Investment


    The landscaping contracting business has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Homeowners are turning to professional landscape contractors for the benefits of a well maintained landscape. The benefits of a professional landscaping goes beyond “curb appeal”. Increasingly, homeowners and property managers are recognizing the added value of landscaping in resale value and tenant occupancy.


    Please contact us at (610) 268-5240

  • Hardscaping



    Your garden, yard and landscape investments are in full bloom and growing stupendously. We can help you not only look at your foliage but actually interact with it. How? By hardscaping in paths, patios, terraces and more. Walk among the wonder that is yours.


    Hardscape Consultations Are Free!


    Call us today! 610-268-5240

    We feature many design options:


    • Outdoor Living, Kitchens, Fire Pits
    • Walkways, Patios, Sidewalks
    • Ponds, Fountains, Water Features
    • Retaining Walls
    • Accent Lighting: Plants, Walkways & Ponds


    We're Capable of All Installation Techniques:


    • Drie-Laid
    • Wet-Laid


    We Offer An Assortment of Materials:


    • Paving Stone
    • Fieldstone
    • Bricks
    • Creek & Cobblestone
  • Garden Care

    An Eye For Detail


    One of the most popular services we offer is Professional Gardeners. These degreed horticulturists take landscape/garden maintenance to its highest, most responsive level. Adept at dividing perennials, corrective pruning, diagnosing and treating disease and insect problems, Professional Gardeners have the specialized knowledge to maintain a garden at its healthiest, most beautiful, and most productive level of performance for years. They also have training in design, which enables them to produce striking annual displays and container plantings.


    Professional and Focused


    Professional Gardeners are distinguished from other landscape maintenance personnel by in-depth specialty training that enables concentration on the areas of particular concern to the client. They do not focus on time-consuming, labor-intensive chores, such as mowing, mulching, leaf removal and spring clean-up, which are best handled by regular landscape maintenance crews. Instead they devote their full attention to garden maintenance techniques that require a high level of proficiency and knowledge.

    The Dream Team


    Heading the Professional Gardening staff is Ann Waters. She is a University of Delaware graduate who also completed the rigorous, 2-year Longwood Gardens Professional Gardener Training Program. * Ann has more than 26 years of professional experience that includes ownership of a landscape maintenance company, as well as horticultural specialty positions at both private and public gardens, where she also lectured and conducted tours.


    Her experience is broad and deep from perennial and perennial groupings to pesticides to general gardening.


    Ann has bolstered her experience in the field with certification, continuing eduction and training classes such as:


    • Swarthmore Perennial Plant Conference
    • Today's Horticulture at Longwood Gardens
    • Pesticide Training classes from Penn State
    • Longwood Gardens Continuing Ed which includes water and container gardening


  • Weather & Seasons

    Seasonal Suggestion

    Maintenance chores in the garden should be continued. This month is a good time to renovate your lawn. The weather is cooler and rain should be more prevalent. Lawns take a beating whether you own pets and or have kids. Lawn renovations can be as simple as having your lawn aerated (a machine pokes holes into your lawn allowing access for moisture to get into your soil.) or to a totally reseeding of the lawn or sections of the lawn. One can actually sod a yard if not large or it would be easier. Either way water is a key factor in getting the new lawn established. Watering the lawn either by a sprinkler or by rain will have to be done.

    Plant Of The Month

    Aster species- Aster species as a whole will bloom from mid August through mid to late October depending on the variety in your garden. It is a carefree plant for the most part. It does need to have space between plants to keep good air circulation among them. Many of the aster varieties are native to the U.S thus making them good low maintenance plants in our gardens. The flower colors range from blue, purple to reds, pinks and a white. All flowers are daisy looking and bloom for a fairly long time. They come in different heights as well as different colors making it easy to find one that will fit into your garden scheme. They do need to be grown in well drained soil that will drain when it rains. Asters will not tolerate soggy feet. Long lasting flowers, late season blooms all are great for the butterflies, bees and other pollen searching creatures that are looking for food late in the season.

  • Turf Care



    Eastern Horticultural Services, Inc. turf department offers a comprehensive multi-level turf program that helps insure a healthy green and weed free turf throughout the growing season. The turf program treatments will be formulated and timed to each properties particular soil and turf grass type by our turf manager, PJ Walraven. With this comprehensive service you can forget about your lawn for the whole season. Be assured your grass will receive the care you would expect from a trained experienced landscape maintenance company.



    PJ Walraven has 25+ years of hands on experience in the turfgrass and landscape industry.


    Over this time, PJ has proudly established and maintained fine turfgrass stands on some of PA, DE and NJ's most premier residential and commercial properties.


    PJ earned his bachelor’s degree from the Pennsylvania State University, with a degree in Landscape Contracting.




    He has provided the guidance and expertise needed to insure every client with quality lawns for their homes and business. His membership with several professional associations, including the PA Turfgrass Council and the Lawn Care Association of PA, keeps him at the forefront of current issues and education. He is a state licensed applicator in PA and undergoes constant training to insure safety and everyday quality. He strives to find a balance with nature, and to provide every property with a beneficial lawn that is both healthy and an asset to your home.

  • Estate Management



    EHS is devoted to detail and focused on protecting your landscaping investment. Estates are intensely landscaped and need the most attention. The investment in flora can be staggering.


    Further, EHS realizes that a healthy, burgeoning landscape will enhance the enjoyment of the property. Healthy, blooming flowers and towering, stout trees and everything in between have a cumulative effect on the overall appreciation of the outdoor living space.

    Eastern Horticultural Services will assign a dedicated team consisting of a manager, horticulturists, gardener and their helpers to make sure that your estate is vibrant and alive.

    Our team can work with your permanent staff or be your gardener either way our only goal is achieving maximum bloom.


    Contact us today so we can build the perfect team to manage your estate.

  • Commercial

    Wetlands Mitigation

    to Wildflower Meadows


    Eastern Horticultural Services, Inc. has many years of experience working with Developers, Construction Companies, Property Managers, Local Governments, and Home Builders. Our company has successfully managed projects ranging from wetlands mitigation to river-walk landscapes and everything in between.

    Eastern Horticultural Services, Inc. commercial department has developed a customized management program for you. A supervisor will be assigned to your project to oversee all aspects of your landscape maintenance. Our maintenance personnel are pleasant and knowledgeable. They are under constant training to improve their skills and efficiency by keeping up with the latest technology. Eastern Horticultural Services, Inc. can help you achieve your landscape objectives, whatever they may be, expertly, on time, or value priced.


    Maintenance Contract may include:


    • Spring mulching with perennial pruning
    • Turf management
    • Plant health care
    • Integrated pest management
    • Mowing services
    • Stubborn weed eradication
    • Seasonal flower displays
    • Trash removal and parking lot sweeping
    • Snow removal
    • Plant installation
    • Humane deer control
    • Holiday decorations


    Recent Projects:


    Willowdale Crossing Wetlands

    For the past two years, Eastern Horticultural Services has worked closely with the homeowners of Willowdale Crossing to improve their community's wetlands area.  the vision of the Wetlands Committee was to turn overgrown water runoff area into a unique open space capable of nurturing wildlife and community activities while still acting as a water drainage area.  From consultations with the Wetlands Committee, plant donations and procurement to routine horticultural work, our expert staff and crews have provided the Willowdale community with the necessary knowledge and support to realize their dream.  E.H.S. is proud to have planned and implemented a maintenance program that has been instrumental in helping our neighbors improve their outside living space.


    Bayard Estates

    Bayard Estates is a large single-family home community located in Kennett Square, PA.  E.H.S. was responsible for seeding all the planned areas in October 2007.  A wildflower meadow cuts down on maintenance expense and helps encourage wildlife.


    Tino Leto Fields

    E.H.S. has managed the care of the Tino Leto Fields at Anson B. Nixon Park in Kennett Square, PA since 2006.  It is a multi-use, outdoor playing area on 14 acres.  We work with YMCA staff to provide safe, quality conditions for participants to play sports throughout the season.  We provide necessary treatments to feed the turf and produce problem free conditions for children and adults to enjoy.  Yearly renovation work helps to repair worn areas and build towards a mature and healthy turfgrass surface.  We are also responsible for mowing services that enhance overall turf health and appearance.

  • Residential



    Located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Eastern Horticultural Services, Inc. offers comprehensive grounds maintenance services including turf care provided by licensed technicians and certified gardeners. These services ensure the continued growth and refinement of the landscape.



    We offer a wide range of skilled services to a variety of clients, from large estates utilizing our personal gardener service to single family homes and home owner associations working with our landscape managers.




    We have the ability to manage each project individually. Our programs are designed to suit the needs of the property owner or home owner association.


    We realize the long term value of the satisfied property owner. Customized property maintenance programs are our specialty.


    • Maintenance Contracts May Include:
    • Spring mulching with perennial pruning
    • Turf management and renovations
    • Plant health care
    • Integrated pest management
    • Lawn mowing
    • Water feature clean-ups
    • Irrigation maintenance
    • Corrective pruning of ornamental shrubs and trees
    • Creative container plantings
    • Humane deer control
  • Containers

    Inventive Accents

    For Any Landscape


    Our containers are creative, flexible accents for your patio, lawn, garden or entry ways. In addition to adding color and depth to a design, they can be matched to seasons for a festive and fun way to impress your friends.

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