Eastern Horticultural Services Gardening

An Eye for Detail

One of the most popular services we offer is Professional Gardeners. These degreed horticulturists take landscape/garden maintenance to its highest, most responsive level. Adept at dividing perennials, corrective pruning, diagnosing and treating disease and insect problems, Professional Gardeners have the specialized knowledge to maintain a garden at its healthiest, most beautiful, and most productive level of performance for years. They also have training in design, which enables them to produce striking annual displays and container plantings.

Professional and Focused

Professional Gardeners are distinguished from other landscape maintenance personnel by in-depth specialty training that enables concentration on the areas of particular concern to the client. They do not focus on time-consuming, labor-intensive chores, such as mowing, mulching, leaf removal and spring clean-up, which are best handled by regular landscape maintenance crews. Instead they devote their full attention to garden maintenance techniques that require a high level of proficiency and knowledge.

The Dream Team

Heading the Professional Gardening staff is Ann Waters. She is a University of Delaware graduate who also completed the rigorous, 2-year Longwood Gardens Professional Gardener Training Program. * Ann has more than 26 years of professional experience that includes ownership of a landscape maintenance company, as well as horticultural specialty positions at both private and public gardens, where she also lectured and conducted tours.

Here experience is broad and deep from perennial and perennial groupings to pesticides to general gardening.

Ann has bolstered her experience in the field with certification, continuing eduction and training classes such as:

  • Swarthmore Perennial Plant Conference
  • Today's Horticulture at Longwood Gardens
  • Pesticide Training Clasess from Penn State
  • Longwood Gardens Continuing Ed which includes water and container gardening