EHS Plant of the Month



Plants of the Month - 2015


Golden Pothos

Leaves are heart shaped, emerging green becoming variegated. Can be trained to climb up or trail down. Grows best in mod or bright light. Allow soil to dry out between waterings.


Radrazz Knock Out

easy care shrub rose with cherry red flowers. Grows 3-4 feet tall/wide & blooms May thru frost. Prune down in March and deadhead flowers to encourage blooming.


Monarda 'Petite Delight'

1-1.5 feet tall perennial with pink flowers. Blooms July through August while attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden. Easy care plant tolerates full sun to partial shade.


Plants of the Month - 2014


Aucuba Japonica

Broadleaf evergreen shrub with large, glossy leathery leaves. Leaves can be solid green or green/yellow. Great addition to a shady property with drained soil. Year round plant.


Clematis 'Henryi'

Beautiful white flowering perennial vine, grows 6-8' tall in a season. Easy to maintain in full sun but likes shade covering its roots. Blooms in June then prune it back


Euonymous Alata 'Compactus'

Grows 9-11' tall + wide. Easy shrub to grow, full sun, any soil except wet. Will take light shade.  Can be trimmed to keep lower - any time of year. Brilliant Fall red colored leaves.


Buxus sinica var insularis

A dwarf dense evergreen that grows slowly to a 2-2 1/2' tall height. Makes a great evergreen hedge. Takes full sun, well drained soil. Can be pruned anytime.  Cold tolerant.

Plants of the Month - 2013

February -March:

Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane'

Medium sized multistemmed shrub bears showy red-coppery colored flowers Jan thru March. Grows in full sun to part shade. tolerates clay soil & deer.


Malus 'Prairiefire' - Flowering Crabapple

Small flowering tree that is low maintenance.  Blooms a deep pinkish red showy flower April through May.  Best grown in loamy well drained soil in full sun.  Orangish fall leaf color.


Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' - Abyssinian Banana

Great plant for a tropical feel on the patio or in the garden.  Fun to use and easy to care for.  Full sun, well drained soil and plenty of water.


Lonicera sempervirens 'Major Wheeler' - Honeysuckle

Twining perennial vine that needs a wooden support.  Grows to 6-8' tall, flowers late spring through fall.  The flowers are tubular in shape and orange-red in color.  Prune hard in fall to keep within bounds.


Alocasia species - Elephant's Ear

These tropical foliage plants have leaves in the shape of and elephants ear.  Plants can be found in several colors and sizes.  Plant in semishade with plenty of moisture.


Aucuba Japonica

Broadleaf evergreen shrub with large, glossy leathery leaves. Leaves can be solid green or green/yellow. Great addition to a shady property with drained soil. Year round plant.


Plants of the Month - 2012


Dendranthemum 'Sheffield Pink'

Fall perennial, starts flowering late Sept/early Oct & will bloom for 2 months. Light frost will encourage it to bloom more. Salmon-pink color w/yellow eye, grows to 30".

February -March:

Helleborus niger

Evergreen perennial flowers Feb-Mar. White to pink flowers in color & look like tiny roses when opened. Dark green leathery leaves. Found in shady areas with slightly acidic well drained soil


Prunus x yedoensis

EvA great small tree only growing 8-15' tall, with a spread of 6-8'.  A beautiful, graceful weeping cherry that produces white flowers in April (late).  Blooms best in full sun & well drained soil.  The dark green foliage turns a golden orange color in the fall.  One of the hardier cherries growing today.


Paeonia Japonica - Peony

Peonies come in several types. We are most familiar with Herbaceous. They produce incredible large blooms w/single or double blooms. Prefer full sun & well drained soil.


Cornus Kousa - Kousa Dogwood

A nice small deciduous tree that grows to about 30' and starts to bloom in bracts, usually white.  Blooming can last 6 weeks or so.  Grow in full sun or shade.  No wet soil.


Eryngium Yuccifolium

Perennials - grows anywhere from 12-48". Unusual looking plant with silvery-blue yucca like foliage.  The flowers are a combination white, bluish & green color in a cone shape.  Blooms July through September.  Likes dry to average soil in full sun. 


Tithonia rotundufolia-Mexican Sunflower

Annual in our area, loves heat & sun. Blooms July thru September. Blooms on tall sturdy stems 2-4' tall. Flowers orange/red in color & attract butterflies & hummingbirds.


Tricyrtis Nirta - Japanese Toad Lily

Shade loving perennial that blooms unique star like blossoms blooming on tall arching stems.  The flower color is white with purple spots.  Well drained soil with regular watering.


Symphyotrichum Laeve - Bluebird Aster

A taller perennial, needs no staking. Blooms Sept-Oct with blue flowers w/yellow center. Loves dry, rocky soil w/only a little water. Full Sun. No wet soil.


Plants of the Month - 2011

January & February:

Kentia Palm

Easy care tropical foliage indoor/outdoor plant. Slow growing to 8' w/beautiful dark green arching leaves. Shady spot outside & indirect morning light indoors. Bring indoors end of Sept

October - December:

Hemerocallis Species:

Daylilies are a versatile plant - they survive in most soil types, can be planted in full sun to partial shade. They bloom from June thru Summer in a wide variety of spectacular colors

Plants of the Month - 2010

January & February:

Colorado Blue Spruce 'Montgomery'

(Picea Pungeons)

Dwarf Spruce that will grow 2-3' in roughly 8 yrs. Has silvery gray blue needles that are stiff & lay horizontally. Broad pyramid shape.



(Galanthus nivalis)

This bulb blooms in March & reminds us that spring is near. It grows 1-2' tall-white flower with a tinge of green. Easy to grow in full sun to part shade.


Dwarf Flowering Almond

(Prunus glandulosa - 'Sinensis')

Nice small spring flowering shrub. Blooms in April and has double pink flowers. Grows in full sun to part shade and likes moist, organic, rich soil.

June & July:


A wonderful plant to use in beds, containers...anywhere! They do well in sun, shade and come in many shapes & sizes. They will last all summer until winter.

August & September :

Hibiscus syriacus 'Diana'

Summer shrub reaches 5-8' in height & width. Adaptable to growing situations, needs well drained soil. Tolerant of heat & humidity. Big white blooms July through October. Easy to maintain

October - December :

Japanese Beautyberry

Multi stemmed shrub grows 4-6' tall. It does best with a hard pruning every Spring to keep within bounds. The small flowers are pale pink and blooms in July. Purple berries in October.


Plants of the Month - 2009


Acer Palmatum – Japanese Maple
A great plant with many varieties to choose from as well as a large array of sizes to fit any garden. The most popular has red foliage & a perfect mature size of 10 feet.


Butterfly Bush (Buddleia Davidii)

This is a wonderful shrub that can grow 5-10 feet tall. It flowers end of June through frost. Colors range in blues, purple, white or pink flowers.
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Red Maple-October Glory
(Acer Rubrum)

This great shade tree matures out at 40-50' and has beautiful ashy-grey bark.  Dark green summer foliage turns to red then burgundy