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daily weather advisory: Friday, November 17, 2017 10:49

Mixed Bag!

You can expect a mix of partly cloudy, rain and full sun this week. So stay on your toes with regards to mulching and pruning and if you haven't put your containers inside do it! The freezing temps at night this week won't help them.

seasonal suggestions | archives

cut back any perennial that are looking bad. Peonies will need to be cut back and the rings taken up and stored for next year. Weed or spray to get rid of summer weeds and the start of cool season weeds.

plant of the month | archives

Capsicum annum ‘Black Pearl'

Ornamental pepper – An edible vegetable that makes quite a splash in fall containers. The foliage is a glossy black while the fruit starts out black turning red at maturity. This plant is 18” tall and 12” wide. Can be planted in the ground. Deer resistant.


Eastern Horticultural Services Welcomes You!

Eastern HS Is Going Social!

Managing Deer In Preparation For Winter:
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A little hardscaping project we completed. Perfect for enjoying this nice fall weather.



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Eastern Horticultural Services is a full service, year round landscaping company. We specialize in exemplary grounds maintenance, landscape enhancement, and property management. Eastern Horticultural Services wishes to be known as Delaware Valley’s leader in client satisfaction, craftsmanship, and overall service quality. We realize that in a changing market, yesterday’s approaches do not always work. That is why E.H.S. is adopting the newest technologies and equipment, while providing unique services such as certified gardeners and turf specialists. With clients expecting greater and greater levels of responsiveness and attention to their needs, E.H.S. hopes to meet and exceed those expectations on all levels.


Protect and Grow Your Landscape Investment

The landscaping contracting business has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Homeowners are turning to professional landscape contractors for the benefits of a well maintained landscape. The benefits of a professional landscaping goes beyond “curb appeal”. Increasingly, homeowners and property managers are recognizing the added value of landscaping in resale value and tenant occupancy.

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